kombucha adventurers

MANA bubbles with pleasure and that is exactly how the brothers Filip and Simon conceived and developed this product. A drink with an adventurous spirit, always looking for how it can be healthier, cleaner and tastier. MANA's mature taste reflects their vision of the ideal world: pure and bursting with life.

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It was on the American west coast where Filip and Simon fell for the charms of fermented tea. Immediately they got inspired to introduce kombucha in the Netherlands as well. Further research however made it clear that the drink unfortunately also had a carbon footprint of American dimensions: because kombucha after bottling continues fermenting, it must be transported and stored refrigerated. Before a bottle touches the lips of a customer a lot of energy must be generated. The brothers agreed that the label 'healthy' not only concerns the consumer, but also the earth. When they wanted to introduce kombucha on the market, it had to be a sustainable product and preferably climate neutral. With this ambition, they set to work in 2015.

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Surprisingly enough, the biggest problem turned out to have a relatively simple solution: by completely fermenting the kombucha - that is, until all the sugar has been converted - continuous cooling is no longer necessary. MANA is the only kombucha on the Dutch market which has opted for this production process and owes its unique taste to it. MANA is not sugary. A big advantage, if you ask Filip and Simon. Without sugar disruption, the taste of this kombucha is earthier and more pronounced. MANA is sparkling like a Prosecco, dry as a Sauvignon Blanc and all that without alcohol. It is not a typical soft drink, but a progressive product for those who want to challenge their taste buds. Perfect for a toast, cocktails and even for cooking.

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Filip and Simon believe in the power of simplicity and only work with ingredients which have a deep and layered taste of their own. No concentrates nor extracts are used, and everything is of organic origin. The ginger does not come from China, where quality cannot be controlled, but from Peru. They also work along the changes of the seasons. The lovely lemon is bottled when the lemon trees are covered with lemons and they not only have the richest taste, but also the most nutritional value.

In three years, Filip and Simon have made an enormous progress in producing a conscious kombucha, but there is always room for improvement. Recently, in Amsterdam, which is MANA's home base, they started to use an electrically powered boat for city centre transport to keep the air clean, and a visionary plan is being developed to make recycled crates of plastic recuperated out of the canals. Every day new ideas are bubbling up, not only to do improve, but above all to keep business fun. MANA is fresh and that you can taste.

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