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Spirit in a Bottle

Kombucha is a revived tea from ancient China where it was used as a medicinal elixir. The troops of Djenghis Khan used to drink this tea and that’s how the tea found its way to Europe travelling the Silk Road. The brewing process is equally magical: through fermentation a symbiotic culture (SCOBY) converts sugar into amino acids, probiotics, active enzymes and vitamins. MANA Kombucha is not heated or pasteurized, whereby all nutrients and healthy properties are preserved.


Its fresh sour taste is what characterises kombucha: simple and layered at the same time. To honour the real kombucha experience MANA only uses organic ingredients and without added extracts, concentrates or artificial additives. Purity is our motto and we never compromise on quality.

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MANA is the only kombucha on the Dutch market without added sugar or sweeteners. The outcome is not only healthier, but also more sustainable. Because, although MANA likes to be served cold, this kombucha does not have to be stored refrigerated. Better for the world and better for you.



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MANA bubbles with pleasure and that is exactly how the brothers Filip and Simon conceived and developed this product. A drink with an adventurous spirit, always looking for how it can be healthier, cleaner and tastier. MANA's mature taste reflects their vision of the ideal world: pure and bursting with life.